Jack Fuller was fuming. His latest masterpiece — or folly, as local wags had it — wasn’t going according to plan. As it was to be his home until judgement day, could anybody blame him for being so particular about its construction?

If he’d told the builder once, he’d told…

Your reproductive role, whether or not you reproduce.

Sugar and spice and everything nice / Snips and snails and puppy-dogs’ tales. Your perceived role in society, formerly synonymous with your sex but now split into potentially unlimited possibilities. Most people still conflate sex and gender. …

Cycling Plus, November 2002

Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really care?

No offence to the very late John Harrison, or the Swiss, or my wife, who has separated our house into minute time zones to aid her morning routine,* but I couldn’t really care…

You cannot put a price on your love for a pet.

There’s a spreadsheet under here somewhere

However, I shall do my best to tot up the expenses incurred in our maintenance of 1 rabbit, over the course of the past 4 years 4 months.

We begin with the cost of him himself, which sounds crass…

One day near the end of Reagan’s first electoral reign I left for Europe with barely enough money to sustain my whim.

An airplane is the best way out of the metro area because it leaves you feeling like Phoenix, rising from the ashes of urban blight. As…

Cycling Today, August & September 2000

Every time Frank visited my flat he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the trophy on the mantel. A long-shot in a field of battle-hardened competitors, I’d won it in ’97, before he’d even started commuting. That didn’t extinguish his jealousy. …

Photo credit: Whoever was standing in front of Tim Berners-Lee

Dealing with people in real life is beyond the remit of this advice column. With any luck you won’t meet many, as live human beings are notoriously difficult to hammer into shape. We shall concern ourselves with replying to those in the splendid human construct known as social media.



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