To anyone watching the drama and feeling somewhat fatigued, I don’t blame you. I can readily imagine a bit of “How long is he going to go on about it?” creeping in; it’s not even been a week, yet feels kind of like forever. I don’t want to become a monumental bore, so am doing my best to:

• Not bore myself and others, and therefore
• Continue to go on about it, in as entertaining a way as possible
• Take the occasional break to smell the waterlogged roses

#EnigmaShouldHaveListened — still working on that hashtag — is headquarted on NACF, of course. This is an island located not far from Gilligan’s Island. Sometimes we exchange shipwreck stories and coconut recipes via bamboo broadband still being perfected by The Professor, with research assistance from woefully uncredited metallurgist Mary Ann.

Creates materials with specific desirable properties

I will soon be unveiling my latest presentation. Stay tuned, as they say.

It behooves me to use ‘behoove’ in a sentence from time to time, so here goes: It behooves me to also mention that I am sorry to my fellow Enigma owners if it seems like I’m “besmirching” (as at least one source has it) the brand. Everyone likes to feel good about the bike that may well be their pride and joy. In the various places I have talked about this, I have been careful not to defame the company, but only present my particular, entirely factual, story. As I’ve said elsewhere: long may you enjoy your bike, and I hope you have more luck than I did. It is likely you will.

In fact, I would be happy to continue to ride Enigma, if only I had one to ride. I even publicly made them an offer which is fairly easy to refuse, but IMO quite fair. See what you think.

Beatings will continue until morale improves

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